The largest regional city (population approx. 30,000) of the state of Western Australia. Located in the South West Region of Australia, 185km South of Perth the state capital.

First sighted by French Captain Baudin from his ship 'Geographe' in 1803. It was named after the English soldier Lieutenant Henry Bunbury, as result of an earlier expedition in 1829 when Governor Stirling from Perth first established it as a military post.

The former name was Port Leschenault after the French botanist, Jean Baptiste Leschenault de la Tour (1773-1826). He was a botanist on the voyage of the Geographe and Naturaliste (Baudin, 1801-1803), which visited the north-west, west and south coasts of Western Australia, coastal South Australia, Port Jackson, New South Wales, and King Island in Bass Strait. Leschenault later visited Java, Cape Verde Islands, Cape of Good Hope, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil and British Guyana.

Bunbury is blessed with sandy ocean beaches, rivers and estuarine waterways. Boating, fishing, crabbing and surfing are popular activities enjoyed by the residents and holiday-makers.

City of Bunbury
City of Bunbury

City of Bunbury
Sunset - Backbeach
Sunset Bunbury

Bunbury has pods of local dolphins
and a specially managed beach where people
can interact with these fascinating creatures.
See more on the dolphins

Bunbury and its dolphins

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