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November 2018 and January 2019

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The Club runs Community Corporate Bowls during the summer months.
Community Corporate Bowls is for people who are not "bowlers ", but who want to experience a great and cheap social night out, while having a roll on the green.

WHEN: The first competition is in November / December for 6 weeks. The second is in January / February and runs for 8 weeks..
The Tuesday competition starts at 7pm, Wednesday at 6pm.
Finals are hel on the last night.
Casual attire is the go. If you don't have flat-soled shoes you can play bare-footed or in your socks.

GET STARTED: Nominate your team of four, contact:
Lyn 0419473313 or Laurie - 0427 097 935 (Tuesday)
Rosemary 0439 591 842(Wednesday)

or leave a message at the Club (9721 3291) or Fax 9791 5066 or Email and they will get back to you.
They will either fax or email an entry form for your team or you can pick one up at the Club.
Convince your boss to support your team by providing team shirts, perhaps and your team nomination fee if you're lucky.
Or just make up a team of your friends or family (recommend children 12 years and over).

COST: A Team Nomination of $30.00 is required and it costs $20.00 per night ($5 per player).
All equipment including bowls, mats and use of the rinks plus a hot dog for each player after the game, is included in the price.
Club members will be available to give some coaching and hints to get you on the way.

FORMAT: Two teams of four players each play against each other.
The yellow "jack" is rolled to the other end to set the "length" for that "end" (the end of the direction you will bowl)
Each player bowls two bowls per "end"
You normally play in a set order - player 1 for your team bowls then player 1 from your opposition bowls.
You bowl your second bowl, likewise your opposing player. This continues until all 8 bowlers have played their shots.
At the completion of the end - the closest bowl of the team will score that team 1 shot, after which that team scores 1 extra shot for each bowl that is closer to the jack on that end, until the opposition has a closer bowl. After 8 ends have been bowled, the winner is the team with the most shots scored in total.

AFTER THE GAME: In our Clubrooms you can collect your hot dog, purchase a drink of whatever you fancy and socialise with all other players
Raffles & random prizes
There will be spins on the wheel where you buy a "bat" for $1 and if your number comes up you have a spin for cash, where you can win up to $50.00.