the Bar THE BAR is a great meeting place. All the identities can be found at the bar at one time or another.

As a result the bar staff know all the members and are only too pleased to direct you to someone who will be able to help with your query.

Subs can be paid, club caps, stubby holders, hat bands purchased, enter footy tipping and lotto and even buy a beer!
snooker SNOOKER tables are for the use of all members. Getting someone to play with you is the only problem.

A group of four old mates play Friday lunchtimes and before cash pairs. If you get a playing partner uncover the other table and 'rack em up'.

There is no formal competition for snooker.
darts DARTS can be played on the two dartboards which are for anyone's use.
There is a dart team associated with the club.

Contact the bar staff for more information.
cards CARDS in the form of a game of penny ante poker is played on Friday during Railways Friday event. Ten cents in.

Ask the guys at the table, if you are interested.

Euchre is played Wednesday afternoons starting around 1 o'clock in the winter and around 1.30 in the summer.

Ask the club stalwarts if you are looking for a game.
SINGING - Monday mornings sees our singing group practising near the piano. They start around 9am and are very melodious. CRAFT is on Tuesday mornings during the winter. Crafty ladies gather near the Captains office to knit or crochet articles. They have a stall once or twice a year to sell their produce.
THE WORKERS in a large club like ours are treasured. There are always gardens to be tended, leaves to rake, lawns mowed, painting etc.
If you are interested in helping out around the club contact:
  • Co-ordinator of Greens who supervises all these activities outside the clubhouse.
  • Co-ordinator of House does the same inside the clubhouse.
  • Our stalwart volunteers often need a hand with jobs and they appreciate any assistance.