This is the serious end of bowls. Pennants is competition against other clubs conducted over the summer season.
Womens pennants are played on Tuesday mornings. Their pennants competition consists of two or three rinks of 4 women on each rink.
There are two different Mens pennant competitions which are held on Saturday and Tuesday afternoons.

Points are awarded for rink and overall wins. As you get more proficient this is a great competition to be in as it is a team game where you are representing your club.

There are two or three rinks (depending on the competition) of four players who compete as a team. Each winning rink scores a point and then all scores are added up for overall points.

Give it a go, as you will never know if you will enjoy it if you don´t participate. There are up to 4 divisions in a competition, where you can begin and then have the opportunity to progress to a higher level, if you wish.

It´s a great way to meet people from other clubs and improve your game.


Scroungers is a singles game played at 9 o´clock Sunday morning by the men. It´s good practise and a great way to learn the basis of bowling draw (close) bowls. You will pay $6 per game.

Present your disc to the organizer at the table near the snooker tables. The draw will be shown on the board outside the Match office at 9.30.

In scroungers only three bowls are used. Points are awarded for the three bowls closest to the Jack – 3 Points closest, 2 points second, 1 for third.
There is no score sheet as such. Scores are recorded directly onto the scoreboard.
If you haven´t scored on an end you will be expected to stay at the mat end to set up the Jack for the next end.
The first on the mat will indicate which way he intends to bowl and you will walk up to the mat on the other hand. Sixteen ends are played.

The winner takes their discs off the board and puts them in the box beneath in the order of who won their rink.
Everyone retires to the bar.
The second round all the winners play each other, second place play each other etc. This round is four ends. The final round is over two ends.
Scroungers is a great way to learn bowls and meet other bowlers.
 Discs In (Men’s Bowls, Mixed Bowls, Open Bowls)

When you join the Club and pay your initial membership fee you will be allocated a round metal disc with your name and a number on it.

Mens discs hang in the disc box outside the northern clubhouse entrance.
Ladies discs are in the disc box in the Ladies Lounge.

To enter yourself for a “discs in” event, take your disc to the Match office with $8 at least 15 minutes prior to the event starting time.
VISITORS from other Clubs are welcome to participate – a temporary disk will be made available for you.

In the draw for the game your disc will be placed on a board of hooks outside the Match office.
This will show the green, rink and group you will play in.
Scores are kept on a scorecard by the designated player (S) while the player (L) will lead off.

NOTE that the card must have you and your partner’s name on it, be legible and correctly filled in, and handed in to the Match Office immediately after the conclusion of the second game to be eligible for any prizemoney or bonus draws.

The competition is 2 by 4 by 2.

This means one player will play two bowls, change ends and you will play four bowls, change ends and your partner will play their last two bowls. This format will continue throughout the game.

There are 2 games played – winners of the 1st game move to the right. If the first game is a draw, toss a coin to see who moves rinks. There is a small break for a cuppa between games
Placegetters are decided by games won, plus aggregate points difference for the games played.

Partners are drawn randomly by the Match Day Committee. Where there are an uneven number of players, Triples or Scroungers format may be invoked for some games as necessary and special consideration will be applied for new, inexperienced players.

 Cash Pairs 

The nomination form for Cash Pairs is on the standing desk at the rear of the concertina doors between the bar area and dining area. Entries normally close on the day preceding the event – Check the closing date when nominating.

It is nominated pairs so you must ask someone to play with you.
If you have no partner put your name & phone number on the bottom of the relevant nomination sheet and someone will pick you up.

Nomination sheets for upcoming competitions for the ensuing weeks are also on this desk.

On the day of play ensure that you are there at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time. One of you will pay ($8 each) for a scorecard from the table covered with cards. Select a card and ensure the number on it is recorded. The card will have your green and rink on it.

Players deliver two bowls each alternatively, changing ends after each two bowls.
This is called 2 by 2 by 2 by 2.

It is very popular as it allows you to look at the head and play shots other than leading which is your usual position when starting out.


Selection in this competition is a bit different.

It will cost $5 paid to the men sitting at a table near the snooker tables.

At 2.30 you will draw a numbered disc from a bowl. This will give you the group of four in which you will play.
Numbers 1 – 4 are in one group, 5 – 8 in another group and so on.
If you have numbers 1, 2, 3 or 4 you should be on rink 1 but it doesn´t always work that way.
Just call out your number and ask for other numbers in your group.

This competition is 2 by 4 by 2 (see Discs In above).

 Nominated Events

Nominated events are those that you have to register your name, normally in a team that you have agreed to join. There can be one, two, three or four games played, over one or more days.
It can be Pairs, Triples or Fours and you will play a set number of ends (usually 10, 12 or 14).
The placegetters can be determined by number of games won and “shots up”, which is the total aggregate shots winning margin

To enter your name for the event, put your name (with your other team members) on the Entry Form near the Secretay’s Office. You pay your entry fee to your Skipper on the day or prior to that (as per the requirements).

You will play on the rink(s) as designated by your (random selection) Score Card. Be ready to play at least 15 minutes prior to the event starting time.
  • Pairs consist of a Skipper(who keeps score and may control team tactics) and a lead (who bowls first). Each player will bowl 4 bowls,either 2x2x2x2 or 2x4x2 each end.
  • Triples has a Lead(bowls first), a Second (bowls 2nd) and a Skipper (bowls last and keeps score).
    Each player bowls their 3 bowls alternatively to the opposing team&aprop;s player per end.
  • Pairs consists of a Lead(bowls first), a Second (bowls 2nd), a Third (bowls 3rd) and a Skipper (bowls last and keeps score).
    Each player bowls 2 bowls alternatively to the opposing team’s player per end.